History of humanity, and torture sufferings of Jesus Christ.
A project of Jesus Christ, Holy Angels and me, the Messenger of Jesus Christ,
Helmut Kreuzer (reincarnated Saint Joan of Orléans)

Ada and Eve - The First Human and First Women.

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Another project: Reincarnated Joan of Arc.   Appeal for help from Joan of Orléans
Joan today, born 1943 in Austria as Helmut Kreuzer. I am the true reincarnated Saint Joan of Orléans, and sent a 2nd time by Jesus Christ! 2013 to 2014, the Antichrist (Chief of Mossad etc.) wanted to murder me with the help of over 4000 Freemasons, etc., with death rays, my angels prevented that! Jesus sent me to the earth a second time (15th century and 20th century). — And nowadays, my soul get tortured day and night, often, by Mossad. Watch my soul day and night - help me.

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german-flag. Geschichte der Menschheit. Folterung Jesu. Ada and Eve - Jesus Christ sent His blond daughters down to earth. They are our ancestors, look below.
The project consists of many revelations of Jesus Christ and many messages from the Holy Angels and others. Source language is German. Translation into other languages is desired, see also Copyright. spacer Rosaries Pdf.   spacer TagesgebeteLinks (intern).

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Holy Woman, Santa Femina, Femme Sainte, Mujer Santa Saint woman -
1. True Descent of Women of Sacred Women of Other Planets.
2. Descent of the man from the woman.
3. ← The women are the culmination of creation. That's the truth from heaven!
4. True origin of the people.
5. Displacement of our goddess Abba with a mask god by the devil.
6. Secret Death Torture to Jesus Christ. Because . , ,
7. The devil wanted to throw Jesus from the throne with death energy rays. But . , .
8. Jesus triumphed over the devil, 2000 years ago.
9. Millions of years of murderous war between devil and heaven to bginn humanity on this earth.

With the latest revelations of Jesus Christ

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