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Pray.  Rosary. — (New chapter in mission, spirit, 6)

Jesus with heart.

Proselytizing the people

Jesus: "All human souls always already belong to me!
Even before I came to earth!(!!)"

Revelations of Jesus Christ of July 29, 2016 1:00 am.
The text base on German version

  1. All Human souls have always been Christians! With Christian, the belief of the Eternal Goddess Abba of our cosmos is meant. And this faith was prescribed by the Supreme Eternal.
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  2. And so it is on all the planets of the cosmos and the universe!

  3. Jesus brought this belief to the true prophet to prepare the people on the earth.

  4. All true prophets have always been prophets of Jesus, His prophets, which Jesus taught! Jesus is the leader of all true prophets and prophetesses. His words were later often falsified. Jesus led Abraham, Moses, etc. The Jews saw in Jesus unknowingly their God, who wanted to build up the Jews for His world mission. Until satan with his Assyrian war the Jews robbed, to use against Jesus (masonic etc.)

  5. The souls of all creatures can never be guilty! (!!) The souls of people struggle against evil, but the spirit which was mutated from satan, do not listen to the poor soul. She is even punished by satan with painful death rays if they want to help the spirit! Man - knew the last! Therefore follow never the the temptations and lies of satan. Live perfectly vegetarian, chaste, without alcohol and tobacco addiction! Avoid greed. Pray at all times to Jesus and Mary and the Eternal Goddess Abba! And think daily to the four-legged Eternal Highest!

  6. The spirit of the people can be seen as a container, which, again, is still pretty empty at birth. After that, he will uncontrollably filled with garbage. This was assured by satan, he controls the societies, media, political parties (especially left and pseudo-social) and sciences of earth. The Holy Sky tried to interfere, but he was still too weak against the powerful of satan. Because so many people (media (TV, newspaper, journals, internet), politics, science, education industry, religions (Protestants!, etc.), economic, technic (mas-communication, iPhone etc.)) to help satan more and more successful, keep people away from Jesus and the truth with their non-human and sky-hostile waste. They are becoming ever larger master, to waste, time of people that they so desperately need for attention to the holy heaven. - Remaining silent. That is the reason why everything inflates and will be uncontrollable, including the knowledge industry, controlled by servants of satan. In the Tribulation hell will wake up well. Too bad to not listen to the innocent holy souls of the sick mind!
    The worst victims are children and young people who are out in this perishable case, or are more drawn and pushed. It begins at home and in kindergarten etc.

    The mind is just there to take the precious truth, good and pure, holy, which only comes from heaven! Truths, and not unnecessary non-human theories! But satan has the guardian soul lock out to make the spirit of man (head) to his workplace. The spiritual blinded man does not notice it. So can cram in satan any harmful waste in this spirit. It lacks the Thought Hygiene, has the input control, it requires a spiritual quality control for the information recording. Therefore, man can not think freely and independently, would not he think if he were from satans-waste free. The man would be a very, very different - The person then would be finally itself, almost completely! (!!)

    The satanic soul-spirit-blockade is the main obstacle to spiritual perfection, to enlightenment! Never forget that! At no University you will learn it! (!!) Only here you can study the necessary truth.

    b2) Most readers can these skyscientific information not grasp. Do not worry. Most people will the new paradisiacal time, not experience, because they are not fit for it. Read more about paradise: Holy Women, und Future.

    c) Since one can wonder why there are Sciences? Forget it. They were not initiated by the sky. The holy heaven does not need this sciences on earth, they led peple more and more into labyrinth. What the sky wants, is to learn and to practice with the sky to join. This man receives all the knowledge that he needs and what he is worthy. This is the core of general education, which can be practiced even as a small child and is to be made. And for others, it is an indispensable requirement of life! In the new paradisiacal time the sciences of the earth are not needed, they are banned! Not one will be needed!

    c2) Such a life without this blockade is a true pleasure, I was able to experience it! The holy soul has access to all the necessary knowledge. One need not waste time for studying. The scientific medicine label such people as mentally ill, so they insult Jesus and Mary etc. Mentally disadvantaged is (you know it by now), who does not have successful access to soul and thus to the holy heaven. Where are these sky-hostile scientific medicine belongs? But many people, and are more and more, have access to the sky, were forced by studied doctors into psychiatry, against the will of the victims! This is done today! The freemasonry also helps, because it is the right hand of satan, which only very few people know.

    d) The Spirit is also protected from the sin-making! If he does not know something or are not sure then he asks his holy soul, this could quickly ask if needed, the Holy Guardian Angel. How the existence of the perfect man. Since then there only eternal happiness, love peace, security carelessness and symbiosis with all that exists. How out at the white pale blond Holy Women with light blue eyes on all the other planets! (!!) Such women sent Jesus before about 6 3/4 million years on the Earth to colonize them. But after about 1000 years paradise Earth, came satan and wanted to be a God on this cosmos, to rob and occupy it. Then began the struggle of Jesus and sky with evil, Jesus defeated him on the cross, now is he soon extinguished. Look jesus2-tortur.htm. Jesus not suffered for sins of people, but by deathly attack with deathrays by satan! All other is a satan-friendly lie, to protect the image of satan and to hide satans crimes!

  7. Jesus is the supreme administrator of our cosmos. Transferred to worldly thinking you could say Jesus is the main managingof the entire cosmos all creatures of the earth everything is subject to Him. But that is only part of the whole.

  8. The satan has in the mutant people of Earth, and these are all, more or less, by spirit-blockades the holy soul from spirit separated, as was their overall awareness cleaved they do not realize it because they do not know it differently. But I know the state of perfection, I made good experiences with it! Even if satan that changed for a while back because I was too dangerous for him. The satan directs the thoughts and feelings of people over the mind of man, which was separated from the soul. Normal the soul must direct the mind, she is connected with the Holy Guardian Angel and the sky, and with Jesus and Mary.

  9. That is why Jesus had to teach the spirit of the people the faith again on the earth. Because the spirit can not hear soul because of the satanic blockage! The holy soul is a most precious treasure of heaven and this has satan deliberately blocked! In the souls of eternal divine eternal Unity Faith has always been there, it has been programmed at conception of the soul in earth. By connecting to the sky this ensures that this belief remains in the soul. The souls can this divine faith not give to the spirit, because of the blockade! (!!) The first embodied people of the earth that Jesus sent to earth the white light blond Holy Women of other planets of the cosmos, their belief were still perfect they went back to Jesus and Mary.

    b) Over the millions of years Unity faith was fragmented and deformed by satan often. The Christian religions (especially the Catholic) are Divine Unity Religion of the other planets and universes closest, though this religion was very damaged by satan and his servants especially with the split-off Protestants. Cleavage was the work of satan to flagellate Jesus. And they still flagellates Jesus until today.

  10. In coarse-textured human spirit reveals this Awareness division, separation of soul and spirit, especially, see para refugees from Islamic cultures. The Islame seem to be predestined for special conveyor of such mental disorders.

  11. All human souls on earth are Christian, that couls satan not change. This will remain so until Jesus soon brings the new and holy population to the earth - bright blonde women! The barbarian will pass. Also, all Heavenly love this eternal Unity Faith. Something else is not possible! All who wish to go to heaven have to subdue this entirely or they stay outside in hell or purgatory which is also a kind of hell. The world is a (big) hell for humans, animals, plants and spirits.

  12. Jesus has always been the way and the goal of all human souls. The head (mind) must follow this path, otherwise man does not come into the holy heaven. - Everything else is the work of satan!

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