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Saint Joan of Orleans -
For over four years prisoner of the Israeli intelligence Mossad.

Szenario. - A scenario that me might or might face, and what happened. Inspired by Holy Angels and especially Holy Spirit.
  1. Since about 2014 the ambassador of Jesus is trying to be replaced by the master lodge master of the Berlin Lodge Drei Welt Kugeln in Heerstraße (or may be a Mossad of israelic Embassy).
  2. He stepped into the role, more or less.
  3. My laptop computers were damaged very early with sabotage and spyware.
  4. Everything has been copied, even when computers are turned off.
  5. Files have been deleted or manipulated.
  6. My internet connection was routed via the Mossad server of the Israeli Embassy in Berlin.
  7. This gives you control over my data which I send to the internet.
  8. You block the normal uploading of data to the Internet by blocking my sending in the Mossad server! FTP program FileZilla etc.
  9. Kaspersky's antivirus programs have so damaged me on all computers that I can not update anymore.
  10. The access data to the Internet provider in the USA were spied on.
  11. Some of my files were faked in the box and then uploaded to my internet, withFileZilla.
  12. So gradually everything is to be exchanged and tailored to the role of the new lies-Joan of Orleans become.
  13. I'll be picked up at night in the unholy land of Israel. In addition my soul gets command before, willing to participate! Kidnappimng by Mossad in Berlin! Now the world will know it.
  14. Or someone will be sent to strangle me at night.
  15. Then the way for the lie-Joan is free to go around the world for lectures.
  16. She may present herself as the real SaintJoan of Arc, Jeanne de Arc.
  17. The clerics are or have already an order in the soul to accept him as the real Johanna.
  18. He is a Torture Hellwalker, and his backers too, for the angels will grill these mass murderers to hell with death rays.
  19. The other people will then have this command. The one command where I am put up as a liar, you spit long ago in the souls of the world. Or?

  20. Furthermore, the one of the Murderer Lodge (many were murdered from there) has encased me for a long timee, specially my soul!
  21. My soul knows so much about the cruel crimes planned or committed in the background.
  22. You can not tell me about it, it's all too explosive! Otherwise you would be cruelly tortured. What thousands of times unfortunately has happened!
  23. Everything is secret! I'm not allowed to know it, otherwise I might report it. The world is not allowed to know anything about the crimes of the Mossad, is it?
  24. I do not think Israel approves of human rights.

  25. Day and night I am occupied by the Lodge-Mossad, the whole body. Everything is overheard. Or you even try to talk through me. Or one does pretend to me messages of my poor soul.
  26. If you read my documents online at or, you may be reading a fake of the Israeli Mossad.
  27. If you read my documents online at or, you may be reading a false info of the Israeli Mossad.
  28. Ob hinter all dem der Antichrist-Rabbiner steckt, will ich bezweifeln!
  29. Please read the commands in the soul of the Mossad of the Lodge and of me. Watch my soul day and night, and protect them from the Mossad!
  30. Ask your soul or guardian angel if I am the true Saint Joan of Arc.
  31. It is I who have worked with Jesus personally for a long time until the Antichrist parted us in 2013.

B. The Mossad takes care of everything that goes on with me, in addition they can see and hear everything with the black magic, by my senses (that can also many Masons and clerics), that happens not only with me. Until summer of 2017, I could still talk to my soul and question her about how she felt, etc. It has not worked since. I hear nothing from her, the Mossad forbids her. Does she know something I should not know? (about the torture while I sleep).
B.b) My soul does not tell me about it, but the angels know and tell me; Mr. Mossad boss. Torture attacks by the Mossad are commonplace in my soul. The Berlin torture Mossad gets the orders from the orthodox Mossad chief in Tel Aviv, they can also be from anyone, abecause tey are without sender.

  1. You also manipulate my soul with thousands of secret orders, you try it unsuccessfully, by order of the chief in Tel Aviv, President Nethanahu is sure against these crimes. -
  2. Look at my soul.
  3. Especially French, friends of Joan of Orléans, christian secret services and clerics.
  4. But the anti-Christian Mossad chief has strictly forbidden the Christians to have contact with me.
  5. But I have an obligation to speak to the bishops and pastors on behalf of Jesus Christ! Mr. Mossad boss - why ???!
  6. Why has Israel persecuted me for years?
  7. I bring only a supplement to the Gospel of Jesus Christ communicated by Jesus and Holy Angels and the Holy Spirit.
  8. Where is the damage to Israel?
  9. I do not see any.
  10. Do you see one?
  11. I did not like to come down to earth for this mission, for the evil side that Jesus and I referred to in heaven. -
  12. I want peace, as with Christians and with Jesus. -
  13. The Mossad is a greatt dangert to world peace. Thousands of people were murdered by him, especially Christians, Catholics!
B.d) I want to get out of this antichristian hell of Israel. These should leave me alone! 2013 to 2014 they tried to murder me with the over 4000 servants of the Mossad and Masons etc. with death rays. Behind it stood someone who has cheered these. It is only thanks to my heroic angels in heaven that I am still alive. Thousands of times the Mossad tried to kill me by death tortures with death rays on my soul. The angels prevented it and reported it to me. - Israel wants to eliminate me, me, the Messenger of Jesus Christ!

I want to help the people who believe in me or pray to me. People around the world who call me and need me on a spiritual level, I want to help them. Just as before, before the Israeli intelligence service Mossad encapsulated me. I also want to work miracles again. The Mossad prevents me for years !! He keeps me occupied and tortures me! I'm leaving in Berlin Wedding, (french sector).

D. Over these years, the Mossad has kept me almost completely isolated, unknown, and put me by command in the souls of men, as a wicked liar. I would not be the real Saint Joan of Orléans ans. How come I survived the thousands of assassinations controlled by the Mossad boss himself? An earthly person would not have survived that. And why was it not enough for just one murderer, why so many? — Make me unknown! He wants that. Is the Mossadthe source for that all?

D.b) For this they tried unsuccessfully to build the Lodge master of Berlin as a double of me. These could then be forced to impose all the impossible as revelations of heaven. - Israel wants to eliminate me, me, Saint Joan de Arc! The real Saint Jeanne de Arc is too dangerous for him, because she feels committed to Jesus and the truth. Un I am led by the Holy Angels of Heaven!

D.c) I do not know what the old Mossad boss has against me, the real Saint Joan of Orleans, the true national heroine of France, and saints of the Catholic Church! But behind this spit surely stands the Antichrist?, only with him rhyming all with the many events since 2013, the hysterical mass murder attacks on me.

D.d) The command ways of Satan Yahweh.
Satan — Antichrist supreme rabbi — Mossad boss — Mossad at the Ambassador — regionally responsible Mossads — further sublevels.
D.e) Maybe the replacement person will be tricked with lies, that I did not succeed. Maybe that Germany alone was to blame for the two world wars. Which, according to the revelation of Jesus Christ, is a lie of Satan. Orthodox worship Yahweh (Satan). Already Jesus called Yahweh Satan and Synagogue Satan's synagogue. Often, while I sleeping, Mossad tried to manipulate my mind, the chief too, and delete some knowledge of my brain! On behalf of the Mossad chief, he was sometimes present even from a distance. My angels still remember the atrocities of the Mossad chief of Tel Aviv! My soul resisted the manipulations of the spirit (me) and was cruelly tortured with energy deprivation and death ray torture, again and again.

D.f) I am the true Saint Joan of Orléans! And I'm not going to let myself be manipulated (with the help of the angels!) The Mossad wants to eliminate me, make it unbelievable. — Whether France fell into this lies trap of the Mossad? If not, I ask France to help me quickly!

E. I am the risen Saint Joan de Arc. Since I died at the stake, I always lived in my beloved France, as a woman! But the devil wanted it different this time. My body and soul have been occupied for many months day and night by a Masonic and Mossad man of the Lodge Berlin (or Embassy). - He is (still) not a Christian! By order of the Israeli Mossad chief who must obey the Antichrist.?

b) The plot against me!
This Mossad man, for decades a leading Mossad in Germany, and thus under compulsion of Antichrist a multiple murderer, had been given the task my identity to accept, to learn. Then, when I was turned off or made completely unknown, as the Saint Joan of Arc or Jeanne de Orléans. But he looks very different and much younger and lacks the charisma I have, like all of these Jewish Masonic circles..
c) The angels told me: This plot was planned against me by the Israeli Mossad chief, but this is controlled by the antichrist.
d) They want to hide me somewhere in Israel, said the angel. In addition one would impose on my soul appropriate orders, so that I willingly come along to the unsung unholy land.

e) But the Double is a Mossad and Mason, remotely controllable for all evil. You should watch this. Finally, the Antichrist and his many rabbis there, along with the Upper Mossad 2013 - 2014 through over 4,000 Masons etc., tried to kill my heart with death rays. Also US fremasons tried to cill me! - There was a hysteric leader behind it! I wonder why?
f) If I were not the true Joaqn of Arc and Messenger of Jesus Christ, the Antichrist and the Mossad chief would not have gone to such trouble! Thousands of perpetrators around the world are witnesses, hundreds bishops (also known German and US) and pastors, Imane etc.
g) They also shot often death rays in my head (my angels protect me). That happend during I sleeped (2014, 2015 and later).
h) The Mossads tried to make me insane in spirit, without least success. My poor soul protested, but then she was brutally shot by death rays from israelic Mossads! Specialists in mental injury, from Israel. Again and again. That's how the angels told me.

F. In 2013, since early of the year, I received a high degree of enlightenment from Jesus, in the Holy Spirit. Into the fall, I worked intensively with Jesus Christ on the spiritual level, as if living next to me. Wonderful! — Soon my sisters, the Judges of the Last Judgment will send films into the mind of the people who confirm what I am saying. Also films about the Antichrist and Mossad boss (World Trade Centers of New York September 11, 2001)

b) The many assassination attempts were for revenge, because I published much secret, my poor soul was brutally tortured by the Antichrist and especially Mossad boss and co.! Thousands and thousands of times, even today every day (8 Jan.2018). My hand was numb (while I slept) and very painful! In revenge, it lasted as usual for several hours! In the morning. (11.11.4: 30) — In this way, the Mossad wants to force my soul to give up and fly home! This is not technically possible because the angels will not allow this! What a cruel, insidious murderer! (!!!)

F.c) Because I am the Messenger of Jesus Christ, I and Jesus are especially connected. Everything the Israeli criminals did to my soul, they did directly to Jesus, the messisas of the Jews. They tortured Jesus, the highest manager of the cosmos, thousands of times! My soul has been painfully murdered by Israelis thousands of times on the cross. The Engelm did not let them fly home. She is the greatest martyr!
F.d) One of the reasons the israelic Psychiatry specialists wanted to harm my mind, was, that I could not report the cruel tortures if my soul told me so!!!

F.e) When I publish this here, the Israelic will tortur my soul again! Watch my soul day and night!

F.f) Satan has assigned the murder order against me, my isolation and replacement by a double, to the Antichrist or to the Mossad. That is not directed against me. Satan wants to take revenge on Jesus again!

I have been so alone for years, isolated from the whole world!

H. These are murders which left no traces outside! So, Israelis want to secretly remove the messengers (envoy) of Jesus Christ! She has died. Since she has no money for a burial place at the cemetery, she is burned again - in the crematorium! To the delight of the enemies! —

H.b) But could not the big Rabbis of Tel Aviv be behind it? The Yahweh is none other than the devil himself (for about 2,500 years). Die History of the Jews is different than being taught.

H.c) The world should know it. Tell it aroend the world! The clergy (bishops, Vatican, etc.) know it, because they have to watch me from the beginning and check the scriptures. The intelligence, who always look to me for the latest news, are witnesses of these atrocities. Even the Russian secret service has noticed! Christians! Catholics!

H.d) The man from the Mossad Lodge in Berlin still occupies me, for 4 years! This serves the better spying. And, the silence of my martyr soul.
The priests are to preach about these crimes from the pulpit. But the Mossad has forbidden the Vatican to speak with me! Everything forbidden! Silence! I wonder why?
H.e) For years my life through Israel and the Mossad is in danger! May bae now they will send a ciller because published this here.

H.f) In Germany, only prominent people are protected by state security.
I. The Mossad (Black Magic) send commands to the souls to command or refrain the mind (head) of this or that. That's how Israel makes politics! Not only Israel.

I.b) The sky showed me a movie by a Model of the World Trade Center of New York, it was on a work table in Tel Aviv.

I.c) The Mossad hinders me uploading files to my homepages (USA and Germany). For this, my entered IP number is intercepted, interrupted.

I.d) The antivirus programs on my computers have been corrupted by the sabotage programs of the Mossad, they can not be updated. Files were manipulated or deleted. This is very easy today. Please refer W-LAN.

I.e) In the spring of 2017, I got another nocturnal vision (of many), the Armageddon Vision. In it I saw the former Israel, it consisted only of a dry steppe, with a few very small plumes of smoke, where once were cities. - Armageddon!
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