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First World War

The assassination of the Austrian successor to the throne was the start of the First World War.
  1. Fact I. None of the European powers wanted this war! (!!)

  2. Fact II. All major monarchies of Europe were constructed with the help of the Holy Sky-guide!
    Heaven wants a Christian Europe! Yes, a whole Christian world! The Christian religion is the only one who came directly from heaven, by Jesus Christ, the Messiah! On behalf of Eternal Goddess Abba, the Supreme in the cosmos! If that is so, then no other religion can be placed above or beside! The equality of religions with the Christian, therefore, is satanic! So then satan this Jesus religion can degrade! This is an unalterable heavenly revelation knowledge! This knowledge you will also soon hear from the sky. Certainly!

    b) The reason for the monarchies structure at that time: After satan the Jews (Israel) occupied itself (about 2600 years ago ) that only were people of Jesus previously, and because the retrieval of the Jews failed 2000 years ago, the sky was looking for an opportunity to build another power against satan. For this, the tribes and peoples of Europe have been united and established the monarchies! —

    Jesus had set up the Jews and their prophets, Jesus has helped them. The God of the Jews was until then none other than Jesus himself! About 2600 years ago, staged the devil the Assyrian war, to take away the Jews from Jesus (as it happened). Because he realized the great danger (!). The Yahweh of the Jews, since then, none other than the devil himself! And his 'religion' was placed next to the religion of Jesus, assimilated by force to religious equality.
    Newest revelations of Jesus Christ, March 2016).

    2.c, ( )
    Jesus was God of the Jews, and was displaced about 2,600 years ago by satan (yahweh)! (!!).
    This is sky-scientific fact!

  3. Fact III. The satan did not like the strength of the European powers. Because the sky was so well disposed towards them!
  4. Fact IV. The devil is a master of splitting and rule. And so he drove a wedge between Germany - Austria and Russia.

  5. Fact V. With the freemasonry forced satan countries together for an alliance against Germany - Austria. The rest is known. Take this here finally as the basis for research, including in regard to the injury of Austria and Germany. All that what was done to these countries and allies, was even done to the holy heaven. The Last Judgement will pay out the wage soon! Even the post-war parrots satans. And the many other important solubilizing non-guy who always cluck after-all to himself revalue artificially and at the center! - The United States did not go free in the two wars! They were forced by the Jewish freemasonry! And behind it the dictator devil!
I have on the spiritual level, in sermons or lectures, let the former monarch speak to people.

Second World War

The Second World War was a result of the First. But the truth is quite different from the toxic-waste media there have lied and forced upon the people.
  1. Fact I. The only reason for the World War II was the extinction of the Soviet communism, an invention of satan.
  2. Fact II. Given the sacred sky began with the War planning, already at the beginning of soviet communism.
  3. Fact III. The Weimar Germany was in favor totally unsuitable.
  4. Fact IV. Heaven needed a strong leadership, and this must everything be subordinated. So the sky can lead everything perfect.
  5. Fact V. Military, Politics, society, education, science, health (mentally, emotionally and physically), business etc. had to be perfected in a short time.
  6. Fact VI. The National Socialism has been planned from the sky, it is the work of the Holy Sky! It had to be found the leader. This search of the sky led to Adolf Hitler.
  7. Fact VII. Adolf Hitler was prepared very early for his task. Adolf Hitler was prepared as heaven's General! (Stalin as devil's General).
  8. Fact VIII. The entire holy heaven, the whole sky guide, the holy angels etc. were attuned to the support of the Germans! (!!) They help the Germans to achieve the goals quickly. They set up the Germans on again. They learned the Germans to walk upright again! The Holy Angels turned them into self-confident people. In fact, it's a wonder how the Germans in such a very short time, all around could afford this perfection of construction! That was only possible with the help of heaven!
  9. Fact IX. The devil could this power expansion not stop! He knew what the sky want's to doing. And he had to act fast! He saw that the sky hastened to forestall the victory, the devil.
  10. Fakct X. Even Stalin, the devil's General, felt warned.
  11. Fact XI. And devil's hour came. He recruited again his right hand, the Jewish freemasonry. And this had to do the hard work to align the country again against Germany. And that went almost exclusively with forced, lies and promises. At the expense of the Germans! And the USA and UK was helping satan - against the heavenly power!
  12. Fact XII. The devil wanted his communism is saved because he was his greatest weapon against the holy heaven! This required the freemasonry, the countries against Germany incite and blackmail, and attract and force with promises and cost refund in the war.
  13. Fact XIII. The masonic knew that Germany is innocent, because it was the military arm of the holy heaven.

  14. Fact XIV. Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist leadership, you are looking at the Hell in vain, they came to heaven (!), (Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess (was in Berlin Spandau with 92 years strangled by the British), Hermann Goering, Joseph Goebbels, and many other of the NS, and the many generals and officers, etc.!) That does not mean that they always did everything just right for heaven, because the devil wanted them to make mistakes! And the devil won towards the end more and more power! That's a tough one, but the satanic postwar lies to re-education are a much greater! The laws and education and politics, were synchronized satanic in this direction after the war. The truth shall make the Germans free. They fought and sacrificed their lives in the struggle for the sky! The enemies of Germany were throwen into the lowest hell, Stalin for about 2 million years living in reptiles for a long time. Even Truman, Roosevelt, Churchill, Bomber Harry etc., and many enemy officers and assistants. I talked to some of them.

    b) To understand the story well, one would have to know the philosophy of Heaven and satan, we will learn from the sky yet. The devil as the main liar and anti-German re-educators and enemy of monarchies, he then no longer exist (he likes democracies, his workplace is the mind of people, this one of heaven is the soul, both fight in humans body!).

    c) I ask the readers, not to emotional appeal. I myself see things soberly and without fanaticism, so Heaven has influenced me, I also belong to any theme-related group - I will write by myself. The whole thing is history and will remain so. It was thought the sky only as a bridge to now soon-coming new system, that will come finally by Jesus Christ (the devil is extinguished by Jesus). In the new paradise system, the world will consist of sacred queens-rich, but more at various other locations. The women may be happy, there will be an eternal holy women rule. —

    d) The High Holy Jesus Christ is the supreme Soul Warden, the High Judge of the Last Judgement. - The head-consciousness of the people was so deformed by the re-education that they can not grasp the information here. And what they can not grasp ignore or fight them, there throwing dirt because they will of satan, the biggest misanthrope, inspired. It has always been like this. Or you can still understand it? What says your presentiment? —

    e) In lectures on the spiritual level, I've already let speak significant persons to. Heaven will soon show the world the whole truth, in words, films and comments! All the anti-German lies the sky debunk - soon!

  15. Fact XV. People have still not figured out what it was about these wars! They felt the satanic propaganda lies of re-education sufficiently informed, and were about such sensational knowledge still happy in her own skin. They were uprooted!
  16. Fact XVI. The Jewish persecution was a partial redemption of the historic general fault to the holy heaven.

    Invite me to a lecture ein.
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